Pragmatic web API guidlines


When starting to create a new system, or participating in a new team or project, there is a simple but profound question: Is there a design specification for the API of this system (Web Server)? image by stable difussion, prompt by alswl This issue has bothered me for a long time, starting during my school days, and every time I needed to communicate and discuss with my team members. From the initial free style to the later REST, I often referenced Github v3 to the project team and the Foursqure API (no longer accessible, exposing age) documentation....

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From Toodledo To Obsidian Tasks - my GTD best practices


I recently completed the switch from Toodledo to Obsidian Tasks (an Obsidian plugin), both of which are extremely powerful time management tools. Although Toodledo was almost my favorite GTD software, the increasingly unstable service has been bothering me. Coincidentally, Obsidian Tasks’ ability to combine querying and knowledge base has produced a 1+1>2 effect. After trying it out, I decided to migrate to Obsidian Tasks. Giving up an old friend like Toodledo, which I have been working with for more than a decade, made me feel a little sad, but the process also prompted me to summarize my attempts at time management and share some of my experiences....

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How to fix keyboard - from coding to electronics factory worker


In order to be well prepared, how can I successfully join an electronics factory after graduating at the age of 35? Learn from fixing keyboards(it’s a joke) Background The keyboard I using is the ErgoDox, an ergonomically split keyboard. More details about ErgoDox can be found in my previous answer. (former keycap color scheme + hand rest). After seven or eight years of work, it has been into the water, into the coffee, but also into the soy milk, now finally a few keys are not flexible, pressed a sticky feeling, can not provide a smooth coding feel....

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Self hosted online collaborative drawing platform Excalidraw


First of all, I’d like to thank my in-laws for taking the baby for summer vacation, so I can have a weekend to develop this system. Also thanks to my wife, I did my own thing for two days during the weekend and didn’t criticize me. Lastly, I would like to thank the company for the team building, providing a hotel to stay and spending a night to fix the Chinese handwriting....

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Type system in Python


image from Static typing is becoming more and more popular. Several languages born after 2010, Go, Rust, TypeScript, etc., have gone the static typing route. Some of the previously popular dynamic languages (Python, PHP, JavaScript) are also actively introducing new language features (Type Hint, TypeScript) to enhance static typing. Having worked on larger projects in Python, I have experienced the difficulties that dynamic languages pose when projects get large: The cost of code regression during the refactoring phase was unusually high, and much of the historical code was afraid to move....

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